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Data Transformation

Likvod Systems have been involved with a number of data transformation projects, on a variety of scales.

Extraction of Insurance Records

This was an interesting small scale project, which consisted of extracting a large number of insurance records from a system which was thought to be captive, and importing them into a PC database. Various solutions had been proposed (including printing out all the records and then scanning them back in to the new system!).

The solution adopted consisted of using the PC to emulate first the printer, and then the terminal to the system. Once the protocol was known, it was a fairly simple task to get the PC to automatically request every record in turn, and store the information to disk. It was then processed, for import into the new database, designed by Likvod Systems using a desktop database package. This solution was guaranteed to be 100% error free, with no accidental modification of the data as a result of the conversion process, because all transfers were electronic, rather than by paper.

Regional Telemetry Scheme upgrades

On a much larger scale has been the creation of toolsets to allow Regional Telemetry Schemes to be upgraded.  One such scheme involved the manipulation of data and SVG images, to allow the data to be correctly associated with mimics representing each of the 6,000 sites being transferred to the new system. Supplementary tools were developed to manage the printing of SVG images for the various stages of approval, a template manager to manage the data hierarchy for each of the sites, a tool to handle geographical collections of data for wet weather management, and the final conversion engine, which produced over 30,000 structured XML files, containing all of the information needed to build the new system.

This and several other toolsets have involved the production of configuration files for various types of outstation, to enable the low-level hardware to be updated with details of the new setup.

Telemetry System configuration

A recent project has been the development of Tagway, a tool which integrates with Excel spreadsheets to manage new-build extensions to existing telemetry systems. The spreadsheets provide a standard format for data entry, and the Tagway tool generates telemetry system configuration files and PLC configuration files from the data. The process is two way, so that spreadsheets can be built from the configuration files, enabling amendments to be handled more easily, even if the data files have been loaded into the telemetry system and partially modified there.

Grain Harvest Database

This was another small scale project, which consisted of building a database to track the grain harvest at a local farm. Grain enters the barns as it is harvested, and is then released for delivery as the year progresses. The database needed to keep track of such shipments, together with the expected and actual costs and profits of such activity.