greetings Likvod Systems has been creating bespoke software for the water industry since 1995. The programs are tailor-made to suit your requirements.

S500 Procons

These products consist of credit-card sized PC cards, which fit into an S500 outstation manufactured by Servelec Systems, and provide protocol conversion between the messages used by the outstation and those used by a number of manufacturers of PLCs. Nine different varieties have been produced, and although some of the protocols are now included in the outstation firmware, most are not. The PC cards are manufactured by DSP Design of Chesterfield, with programming by Likvod Systems.

More recently, standalone units by Advantech have been used to provide similar functionality, enabling the outstations to talk to Fuel Cell modules, where manipulation of digital inputs and outputs have been required as part of the protocol implementation, rather than using the inputs and outputs available on the outstation.