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The mystery of gross pay and nett pay

I have never really understood the Inland Revenue’s tax bands. As a mathematician, I would have made sure that every threshold was a multiple of 156, so that it could be divided by 12 (months) and 52 (weeks). That way, you could pay yourself the same gross amount each month, and the nett amount would […]

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Delphi 7 and 125 dots per inch

Recently I was asked to modify a program to cope with screen resolutions higher than the standard 98 dpi. Looking on the net, there were lots of dire warnings, but I spotted something that looked helpful. All I needed to do was to switch auto-scroll off and switch auto-size on for each of the forms. […]

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Starting out with the Raspberry Pi

Having been a lifelong devotee of Pascal, from Borland Turbo Pascal in the 1980s (anyone remember that?) through the various incarnations of Delphi, I wanted to be able to program the Raspberry Pi in Pascal. The obvious choice was Lazarus, a (nearly)-compatible product. I installed it, and after a bit of experimentation, started to code. […]

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SQL Stored Procedures and Delphi

My latest project, another Regional Telemetry System upgrade, involves a Delphi front end which displays a tree view representing the structure of a site. It interfaces to SQL Server, which provides all of the data, and all of the transactions between the database and the front end use stored procedures. To simplify the calling of […]

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