greetings Likvod Systems has been creating bespoke software for the water industry since 1995. The programs are tailor-made to suit your requirements.



The Camway software package has been in existence for some 5 years in its present form. It is a Windows-based programming environment for Seprol outstations using the Sercal language. It can be used locally, plugged into the front of an outstation.

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Leeway is a block structured language for process control. It consists of a number of block types, from simple digital switches to sequence logic blocks and three term controllers. Blocks are configured by drawing them on a canvas, and then joining inputs to outputs.

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Ffonway is a lone worker monitoring system, which integrates into a regional telemetry system by acting as if it were an outstation. It runs in duty / hot standby mode, with each machine supporting 24 telephone lines, and up to 2000 workers. Using a menu system, workers can book in and out of work for […]

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Data Transformation

Likvod Systems have been involved with a number of data transformation projects, on a variety of scales. Extraction of Insurance Records This was an interesting small scale project, which consisted of extracting a large number of insurance records from a system which was thought to be captive, and importing them into a PC database. Various […]

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Raspberry Pi

A recent project has seen the use of Raspberry Pi hardware to monitor a radio system, to better understand interference events. The Pi was fitted with two serial ports, to monitor data streams on the transmit and receive lines of a radio base station. An analogue interface was used to measure noise levels, and communication […]

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S500 Procons

These products consist of credit-card sized PC cards, which fit into an S500 outstation manufactured by Servelec Systems, and provide protocol conversion between the messages used by the outstation and those used by a number of manufacturers of PLCs. Nine different varieties have been produced, and although some of the protocols are now included in […]

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