greetings Likvod Systems has been creating bespoke software for the water industry since 1995. The programs are tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Modern Slavery Statement

Likvod Systems Ltd is a small company that produces software. It does this mainly for the UK water industry. It is committed to the prevention of modern slavery in its own organisation and its supply chain.

The company has two staff. Remuneration levels are well above the minimum wage, and wages have not been withheld on any occasion since the company began trading in 1995. The company has never employed seasonal or casual workers.

The company has little in the way of a supply chain, since the products it produces are supplied in electronic form. It does not normally supply hardware as part of its contracts, and where hardware is required, it is normally the responsibility of the customer to procure it themselves. None of the software development is outsourced to other companies, either in the UK or abroad.

A small amount of ancillary hardware has on occasion been supplied to customers, and Likvod Systems will be looking at the compliance of the companies from which this is purchased if this need arises in the future. Where hardware has been purchased in the past, no attempt has been made to drive down prices or to achieve very short delivery times.