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Starting out with the Raspberry Pi

Having been a lifelong devotee of Pascal, from Borland Turbo Pascal in the 1980s (anyone remember that?) through the various incarnations of Delphi, I wanted to be able to program the Raspberry Pi in Pascal. The obvious choice was Lazarus, a (nearly)-compatible product. I installed it, and after a bit of experimentation, started to code. I am used to the blistering pace with which Delphi compiles software, so it was a bit of a shock to see the speed with which Lazarus ambles through the process, even allowing for the fact that the Pi is rather slower than my normal desktop development system.

On the plus side, I read on the net that it was a bit difficult to integrate the Pi into a desktop setup which uses a kvm, to switch the screen and keyboard between various computers. I soon got tired of switching my monitor between hdmi and svga modes, so decided to give it a go. I bought a cheap hdmi to svga adaptor, plugged it in, and it worked first time.

Following a crash on the Pi, which required a new memory card, I have never been able to get the image quality that I originally had. I have tried all sorts of settings, but none seem to fill the whole screen. I probably should have invested in a better quality hdmi to svga adaptor, but hey ho.

Written by Bob Evens

Bob Evens is the Managing Director of Likvod Systems Ltd, and also serves as its principal engineer. He has a wide base of experience, having studied electrical engineering at Bristol University, and worked for a major supplier of Telemetry systems for twelve years. He programs in Delphi, Pascal, Sercal, Assembler and the odd bit of C and C++. He is also a qualified psychiatric nurse, and leads a local church congregation in Worksop.

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